In Ternopil Stephen Bar welcomed the participants Championship Athletics Championships

Spring field athletics teams youth sports schools and adult athletes held April 18-19 in Ternopil. The competition was attended by 14 branches Athletics Coach m. Ternopil and districts, and 9 teams of adults. OchilnThe bar area ik Stephen welcomed the participants of the championship during the opening ceremony. "We have the opportunity to observe the example of young athletes who are surely going to win - said Stepan Barna. - This sport teaches us endurance and sustained. Building a healthy nation - an important prerequisite for the formation of state power. AgoWe actively support the initiatives of sports events in the future. " As a result of competition in the team standings adult team won the city of Ternopil. Among Coach teams won first place team ODYUSSH "Colossus". Among the achievements of athletes in competition noteworthy establish a record in the shot put area ofUnder Buchach pet Coach John Karyuka (coach - John Chub). Most established athlete - 18.63 m enables him to take part in the World Cup among youth, which will be held in Colombia. As for other personal competition results in adult athletes in the 100 m run won pet SHVSM Oleg Danyluk (coach - Vasiruk MS)At this distance the winner among women was Mary chromium (ODYUSSH "Colossus" coach - Havronska NY). In running the 400 meters, won first place Vladimir Dopta over time 52.4 s (ODYUSSH "Colossus" coach - Vasiruk MS). At a distance of 800 meters won by Ruslan from Danko (SHVSM coach - Stefanyshyn OV). In race walking topped Rusalina povoyroznyuk in the high jump best result showed Viktor Vorko (ODYUSSH "Colossus" coach - Karmelyuk ET) in the long jump took Sergei Kruk (SHVSM coach - Vasiruk MS). Winners were awarded diplomas and cups Department of Family, Youth and Physical Culture and Sport of Ternopil Regional State Administration. The information wasTernopil Regional State Administration