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In Ternopil way to rescue

students on April 17 in the 10th State Fire and Rescue downtown goose rescuers organized cognitive preventive measure for students Gusyatyn secondary school levels. At the invitation of firefighters, children come to the Fire and Rescue parts. Here kids acquainted with the specific terms and Roboty personnel department. During the event, employees Rescue « 101 » reminded the students life safety rules, and in particular, water safety and fire safety equipment and demonstrate combat gear, which is in service in firefighters. Children enthusiastically listened to rescuers. At the end of laborivnyky « Rescue » told the students about the consequences of emergencies, in particular, the effects of fires that occurred due to careless handling and children from mischief by fire. These activities are beneficial to the younger generation, because it is very important that children not only know the safety rules, but also kept them. Only such jointmeasures we can bring to every child, every student and every inhabitant of our region and the need to respect the importance of fire safety and life safety.