In the Rivne region will be employed profession seller

Group completed sales training based on Kostopil branch of the Center for vocational education state employment. Typically, after obtaining the profession, the unemployed who were registered in the district center Kostopil employment pratsevlashtovuyutsya very quickly. Sales - one of the most sought after professions in today's job market. The training of qualified vendors unemployment in the direction of the District Employment continuously carried out in the center of Rivne vocational education PES. During the past year and the first quarter of this year 34 unemployed ZdobUli profession seller. Most of them were later employed. Among them - Victoria Demyanchuk who now works in the commercial department entrepreneur Valentina gland. I had some experience seller - says Victoria - because when I left without work, I decided to improve their qualifications and skills to take advantage of the possibilityyvistyu professional courses Employment Service. I am working again and perform the work, which I like. " This was reported in Rivne city employment center