Rivne region, rescuers were training courses for domedychnoyi aid in Poland

In the period from 13 to 18 April in departmental institution of the State Fire Service of the Republic of Poland in Poznan together with rescuers from other regions of Ukraine were trained domedychnoyi training 10 employees of the management DSNA Ukraine in Rivne region. To study group included officers and ordinary soldiers Rescue Rivne region, which according to officials required ’ bonds involved in the liquidation of emergencies, fires and saving lives. During classes rescue captured not only theoretical but also practical skills provision domedychnoyi assisgi man who is trapped in a particular extreme event. Polish colleagues demonstrated Ukrainian specialists procedure for initial examination of the victim, measures of artificial ventilation without special equipment and technique closed (indirect) cardiac massage and more. Great attention was paid during the training sessions providing HomeThe medical care for children. After the training, each employee of the Main Directorate of State Service of the National Assembly received confirmation certificate. Also, during the visit Rivne rescuers to become acquainted with the latest rescue techniques and equipment that are in service in the Polish firefighters. &Laquo; our rescue inthe liquidation of emergencies often have to provide first aid to victims. And the timely and correct its provision depends not only the success of further treatment, but sometimes the life of the victim. So we are very grateful to our Polish colleagues for such a wonderful opportunity for employees to receive Rescue Rivnenshchynaare essential knowledge and skills and strengthen professional training & raquo ;, - said Colonel Civil Protection Sergey Kruk. By the way, in order to study the positive experience and professional development to Lodz and Czestochowa Poland sent two of Rivne rescuers. Substantial assistance in the organization soSecond beneficial cooperation Rescue of Rivne Regional State Administration provided. PG DSNS in Rivne region