Ivano-Frankivsk police arrested a man who ran the car in a state of intoxication

29-year-old previously convicted for drug-related crimes Ivano-Frankivsk detained by the State Tlumach police department while on duty at the checkpoint. Inside his car seized zeal to grenades. Behavior foreheadVick, who was driving a passenger car, guards seemed suspicious. He visibly agitated, confused answered questions from police. In addition, the driver's view when police found a homemade device for smoking marijuana with the remnants of bedding material is dark brown. Ivano-Frankivsk residents were invitedoponovano undergo a medical examination to establish the fact of drug use. Results expertise in medical institutions in the regional center confirmed the use of cannabinoids that person. In addition, it appears that the detainee frankivets also violated provisions of the legislation on the treatment of ammunition. In the laptop bag he was carrying inside a comomobilya universal hand grenade fuse. Its origin is now revealed. These facts opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 st.263 (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition shells explosives) and 309 part 1 (illegal manufacture, production, acquisition, storage, transportation or transfer of drugs, dogshotropnyh substances or their analogues without intent to sell) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. For such actions punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to seven years. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk

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