In Ternopil Vladimir Katyn said Shumsky and Kremenetskiy

Ternopil regions mobilization tasks performed by only 54%. This was during the forum "The Future of the State - in our hands" informed military recruiting office in Ternopil Commissioner Colonel Vladimir Katyn. "As Berezhansky, Podgaetskiy areas completed the taskto - 40% Borshchiv, Zalishchyky - 75% Buchatskiy, Monastyryska - 14% Husyatyn - 51% Zbarazkiy, Lanivtsi - 83%, Zborowski, Kozova - 67% Podvolochisskiy - 72% Terebovlyansky - 45% Chertkovsky - 42% Ternopil - 36%. Pleased to announce that the only ones who provided the absolute mobilization task - and it Kremenetskiy Shumskoyeth areas ", - stated Vladimir Katyn. He announced a list of rural councils, have not submitted any mobilized. In Berezhany area of ??16 Borschevskom - 8 Buchach - 30 Husyatyn - 8, Zalishchytsk - 11 in Zbarazh and Zboriv to 19 councils. In Lanivtsi not submit candidates 2 village councils, Monastyryskomu - 25 Pidvolochysk - 3 Podgaetskiy - 18 Terebovlia and Ternopilskomu - 23 in Chertkovsky - 21 village council. "The search is over 25 thousand. Men who avoids mobilization, - the military commissar area. - Collect representatives of their communities and take a trip to the place where mobilized trained, whichconditions they live. Collect and conduct community outreach. To the east is very necessary drivers, medical personnel, cooks, accountants. " Vladimir Katyn said that you can not wait until the enemies come to us. "I wish that we were patriots, not only in words but in deeds, such as residents and Kremenetskogo Shumsky areas"- He said. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration