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m. Tiachiv: a fire in the hotel firefighters rescued a 35-year-old man

the night of April 20 in the city. Tiachiv Street. Independence there was a fire at the hotel. Fire in one of the rooms on the third floor of the guest noticed that reported the event and reception at 3:37 promptly called to the rescue service. On forrotbu the fire fighters left the 8th State Fire and Rescue parts. At 3:45 they localize fire and at 04:07 – eliminated it. During the fire firefighters rescued a 35-year-old man, who was in the next room with the fire center hotel. After considerable smoke he could not get out of their own room. Therefore,Rescuers took him out and gave first aid. From the man refused hospitalization. The cause of the fire is now ’ yasovuyut police. The amount of damages as established fact because of fire fire destroyed property in the room and damaged the walls of the room and facilities are located downstairs. In DSNS Engayiny in the Transcarpathian region