In the Volyn region " Student Freedom " Chernihiv described the UPA and Taras Borovets

April 17, 2015, activists " Student Freedom " Chernihiv city spent an instructive historical overview " Taras Bulba - Borovets. Who created the UPA? &Quot; The event was attended by activists of Chernihiv City Vseukrayinsone association " & quot ;, Liberty Youth Organizations " Student Freedom " and " & quot ;, Falcon and students. Assembly took place at the local branch " Freedom & quot ;. &Quot; When March 9, 1908 in bahatoditniy family of Dmitry Yulianovycha Borovets, who lived in the village Bystrychi during March, which is Rivnenschyni, bodyvsya son at RELATIONS glad it was unanimously resolved - give it a name Taras. After the boy came at the world is the birthday of the great prophet Ukraine - Taras Shevchenko. Giving synovi this name, the parents wanted to see their son has gone the same way that ishov Shevchenko - the struggle for freedom, independence, Ukraine samostiynist, they sought to xlopets had to a great ideal of a decent i in his life of - life of the great poet. More desyatyrichnym rural boy he proynyavsya ideal Universalu Fourth Ukrainian People's Republic. Taras Borovets was a great patriot native Woodlands, he was Petlurites. For ideological views he was pluralist. &Quot; The consciousness that wascal parties come and go, but the people there forever, as the half-community " - Words of Taras Borovets & quot ;, - said activist " Student Freedom " Andrew Slobozhanyuk Chernihiv region. The participants actively asked questions and willingly participated in the debate, analyzing the events of today, held parallels between modern realities and mynulifes. This was reported in the press service of the Volyn Oblast PA " Freedom "