Chairman of the village council of Ternopil claim that mobilization plans will be implemented in the Ternopil region

are towns where there is no viyskovozobov`yazanyh mobilized. And Buchach and Monastyrskyi area mobilized only 10 people. This was announced by Acting Head John Krysak during the forum "The future state - in our hands ", held on 18 February in Ternopil Economic University. Took part in it representatives of state and local government area. "I understand that in an unstable economic situation, military aggression, unbelief and indifference among the population is very difficult to manage the state, regionastyu, district, town or village, to make the right decision. before all of us put a difficult task - to ensure the mobilization. There is no need pathos, you simply responsibly and conscientiously do their job. " Ivan Bogdanovic said that "a shame that in many cases, protests against the mobilization of sabotage." "Right recipe, Instructions on how to conduct mobilization, no, - said John Krysak. - But I'm sure every manager can do it. If you need help and support from my side - us. " Ivan Bogdanovic addressed the audience with a request to find the strength, desire and ability to perform tasks to mobilize. "Let's do thatto our children and grandchildren is not mocked us, Ternopil Ukraine failed to defend from the enemy, "- he said. Therefore chairmen of district councils, district administrations, village council unanimously zobov`yachalysya perform mobilization plans. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration