In Ternopil order to convene the fifty-seventh session of the City Council

17.02.2015 p. 63 On convening n ’ fifty seventh session City Council Following Article 42, 46 of the Ukraine « On Local Government in Ukraine » Regulation and Ternopil City Council: 1.Sklykaty n ’ fifty-seventh session of the City Council 26 February 20'15 At 09:00 in the hall of the City Council. 2.Zaproponuvaty happy to consider in the plenary question: 2.1.Pro amendments to the standing committees of the City Council. 2.2.Pro report on the implementation of the Ternopil City Council and its Executive Committee of Regulatory Policy in 2014. 2.3.Pro amendments and supplements to Misskoyi comprehensive program « Young » 2012 – 2015. 2.4.Pro amendment of the Program of development of physical culture and sports in Ternopil in 2012- 2016.. 2.5.Pro amending the decision of the City Council of 26.04.2013r. 6/31/31 « On approval of a comprehensive urban Programs « Health ’ I TernopilMr. » 2013 – 2015 & raquo ;. 2.6.Pro Amendments to the Comprehensive Program of Civil Protection m. Ternopil 2011 – 2015roky. 2.7.Pro modify the Program of the cultural field of Ternopil in 2012 – 2015. 2.8.Pro modify the Program support parks in the city for 2012-2015. Mr 2.9.Prorysvoyennya communal INSTITUTION primary specialized art schools « TERNOPIL MUSIC SCHOOL 2 » MYKHAILO Verbitsky. 2.10.Pro removal control protocol decisions and orders of the City Council, the postponement of the execution. 2.11.Pro amendments and additions to the program of reconstruction, major repairssidewalks in the city. Ternopil in 2014-2016 years. 2.12.Pro adoption of external water supply and sanitation to hospfekalnoyi owned by the city. 2.13.Pro Amendments to urban development program of preschool education. Ternopil 2012-2016. 2.14.Pro Amendments to the city program "Education. Ternopil 2012-2016". 2.15.On providing free use of premises to entrepreneurs engaged in the organization of nutrition education students in the city. Ternopil. 2.16.Pro implementation of the program of economic and social development of the city of Ternopil in 2014. 2.17.Pro implementation of the budget of Ternopil by 2014. 2.18.Pro making additions to thejudgment of 05.01.2011r. 6/4/3 „ On Local Taxes and Fees & rdquo ;. 2.19.Pro amendments to the decision of the City Council of 27.01.2015r. 6 / 55/14 „ On his release in 2015 enterprises from land tax & rdquo ;. 2.20.Pro amendments to the decision of the City Council of 27.01.2015r. 6 / 55/17 „ m on budget. Ternopil on 2015rik ”. 2.21.Pro provide free use of communal property. 2.22.Pro amendments and additions to the decision of the City Council. 2.23.Pro extraction and allocation of land plots. 2.24.Pro permits for development projects of land allocation. 2.25.Pro approval of land allocation. Allow provide 2.26.Prool in making technical documents on land management on production of documents certifying the ownership of land in the city. Ternopil. 2.27.Pro approval of technical documents on land management on production of documents certifying the right to land. 2.28.Pro renovation of leases of land. Mr. 2.29.Proadannya permits contracting of servitude. 2.30.Pro approval of transfer of land in the sublease. 2.31.Pro sale at auction the right to lease land for non-agricultural purposes. 2.32.Rizne. Mayor S.V.Nadal This was reported in the Ternopil City Council