Vinnytchina: When visiting appointments the regional prosecutor's office all applicants received a good response

Vyacheslav Sokolov visited Zhmerynka where he held personal citizen. Local residents have called for the head of the prosecutor's office of Vinnitsa region with various issues. In particular, they complained about the failure of one of the private entrepreneursin terms of the contract, otherwise - the illegal, in their opinion, the rent of land and others. All applicants provided clarification of the applicable law and procedure for applying to the authority and control. Deputy Prosecutor Vinnytsia region Oleg Yankiv held visiting appointments by Tulchyn in the area. Most people who clipsysalys to the meeting turned to matters concerning the state of pre-trial criminal proceedings that are in the militia, legality land plots and others. All applicants also provided appropriate explanations. In Ladyzhinsk penitentiary deputy prosecutor Alexander Popescu gave explanationsasudzhenym on the legality rendered judgments against them, order receipt document, identity and so on. In addition, he was interested in living conditions, material living and sanitary maintenance of prisoners serving sentences in the institution. This was reported in the press service of the prosecution Vinnytsia region