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Bukovina, joined the rescue of "Day of Civil Protection"

April 17 in Chernivtsi city high school number 3, which is on the street. Zalozetskiy a City, held « Day of Civil Protection & raquo ;. The event was conducted to study the safety rules area school leaders, those responsiblefor civil protection district departments of Education and the pupils of the Lyceum. Before the event management staff zaluchylysya State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region, Chernivtsi City Council, the Training Centre for Civil Protection and Life Safety, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi regionand experts ambulance. The event itself was divided into 2 parts: theoretical and practical: During theoretical classes of directors of schools told security rules of life and how to act in case of emergencies of various kinds. In particular, rescuers said that school, as in any otherplace the massive presence of people, it is important to teach people about above all not to panic and to properly assess the situation and arrange further action by evacuation. &Laquo; Panic causes chaos that can lead to tragic consequences. Follow safety rules for yourself and teach your students that » &Ndash; Rescuers said. In addition entFirst, teachers were reminded about the importance of technical and serviceability primary means of fire, the ability to use them properly, because they can be used to eliminate fire if detect it at an early stage of combustion. For the practical part of the workshop organizers were modeled detect explosive preDMetI in school. Directorate school students were evacuated from the Lyceum to safety. Specialists Research Forensic Centre at the Police Department worked on a review of the action of the institution, and rescuers have provided fire safety at the scene. Then, ambulance staff PROKonsultuvaly all present to provide first aid domedychnoyi, and said that given the correct first aid can save human lives. Finally, the event organizers showed all present special technique by which abolished the extraordinary events of various kinds and performed their assigned tasks. Spendtion of measures to Chernivtsi region have become traditional. Such conduct seminars as well as for managers of educational establishments, and for their students. This will remind people to safety rules and teach them how to act in case of an emergency. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region