Privat established over 1 000 poshtomativ for the issuance of parcels in bank branches in

offices Privat has more than 1 000 poshtomativ - modern automatic parcel points and receiving mail. As the press service of the bank today poshtomaty Privat work not only in big cities but also in remote areas and the areathese centers. Three months poshtomativ bank network has doubled, allowing the bank to become the largest in Ukraine network distribution of parcels. "The first national network poshtomativ Privat makes it possible to receive parcels next to the house where convenient client, and use poshtomatamy as easy as familiar to us all ATM -says head of "Consumer lending" Privat Andrey Kovtun. - Technologies that we use to ensure security receiving parcels. " Today poshtomatah Privat available parcels and other dispatch using leading operators of postal services, "New Mail", "Bridge Express" and "In-Time". As espealso assigned to the bank by the end of 2015, the offices will operate more than 1 300 poshtomativ, and customers can use them not only the largest logistics companies, but also national operators from selling auto parts and other goods and services. Poshtomat - an automatic postal self-service terminal, in which the client may ISGcal for him alone to receive parcels. The sender said the declaration for poshtomata. When a parcel delivered poshtomat, the recipient sees SMS-messages can then pick departure, confirmed his identity through self-service terminal using the card Privat or by entering a phone numberon the touch screen. Poshtomat open the appropriate mailbox from which the recipient can pick up your parcel.