In the city council discussed the areas of cooperation Lutsk and region Lippe Federal Republic of Germany

a study visit to our city with the edge of the delegation of the Federal Republic of Germany Lippe. Luck has signed a memorandum of cooperation with this region in the future - the transaction. The German delegation visited enterprises and in educationals institutions of the city, familiarized with cultural and historical heritage of Lutsk. After both sides met to outline the areas of cooperation. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk expressed appreciation for the visit. "We tried to acquaint you with the various sectors of the city and to show that the business operates in Lutsk, and there is an opportunity here to invest investtion "- he turned to representatives edge Lippe. The Mayor expressed his proposal, which fields Luck is going to work. It - Youth, Culture, Sports, study of administrative bodies, local self-government. On the latter, he said, this topic is particularly relevant, because now in Ukraine continued reform mistsevohof self-government. "We are instrumental in establishing cooperation between regional chambers of commerce and similar institutions Lippe" - he said. Friedel Hoyvinkel, lanadrat Lippe said that the cooperation that has been established, particularly in the education sector will continue to continue. In his opinion, in this context, it would be useful Setupent closer contact with schools Lutsk and Lippe. By the way, to rest and training offered to organize joint activities in the camps on the coast of the sea edge. Highly appreciated the work of the German side of Lutsk TsNAPu. According to them, in Lippe is also such structures, so they would have an interesting exchange of experience. Another important directionoutlined for himself both sides - a collaboration between enterprises. "We believe that work can be productive in collaboration with small and large enterprises, training students there. It is very important for us, "- said Friedel Hoyvinkel. In addition, the German delegation expressed its willingness to cooperate in the field of health, enerhozberezhetion and tourism. Karl-Hermann Krogh, chairman of the union "Bridges in Ukraine" thanked Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk and his team for their great performance. "It is easy to help those who work" - he said and requested the city authorities to make every effort to soon sign a cooperation agreement. The German side heightcatching gratitude for a warm welcome. In the end, both sides exchanged souvenir gifts. This was reported in Lutsk City Council