In Khmelnytsky in Kamenetz-Podolsk detained a group of kidnappers Internet equipment

Almost 2 months more than a thousand residents and the area did not have access to cable television and the Internet. Since February 2015 to ISPs that provide Internet access and cable television in Kamenetz-Podolsk,began to receive complaints about the lack of "signal". During the inspection it was found a number of facts kidnapping technical equipment - so-called "plates" and antennas. From the criminal actions of the kidnappers were injured as ordinary kam'yanchany and representatives of 3 Internet operators city. As the representative of one of the providers Maxim Pie, onlyis their company lost 33 units of technical equipment and suffered losses amounting to 200 thousand. The investigation revealed the suspects. They were three young men -studentiv higher educational institutions. They confessed to the crimes committed by the series. Most of the stolen property returned voluntarily, although part of the equipment hadrealize. - There were 30 criminal proceedings. The suspect will be responsible for part 2 of article 185 "Theft" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which provides for sanction maximum penalty of imprisonment for up to 5 years - said the investigator Kamenetz-Podolsk Gorotdel police Igor Gordus. SZEM MIA Engayiny in Khmelnytsky region