From Ternopil construction crews sent in Luhansk Over 70

people and about 25 vehicles were sent on April 18, from the Ternopil region Luhansk region to build fortifications. Priests blessed and sprinkled with holy water builders and equipment. Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Stepan Barna thanked systemivelnykam who volunteered to contribute to strengthening the country's defense, and all those who help the construction of the Luhansk region. "The whole country joins the erection of protective structures in the eastern regions of Ukraine - said Stepan Barna. - For each area secured several objects. Ternopil region has four facilities in two districtaselenyh points Luhansk region - Popasna and gold. The main task of fortifications - secure and maintain the lives of our children, who are now at the forefront of protecting Ukraine from the enemy. " According to Stephen Barney, perform the tasks required by May 25, but the construction of Ternopil already started planningMonday, May 20 and end May 11-12. Taken care of clothing and food, and medicines. In particular, farmers Ternopil, construction companies, volunteers, caring area residents collected food. The total cost of the construction project of about 10 million, are allocated from the state budget. "This is the first line ofharrows, but I hope the wisdom of the military leadership, which secures the rear for our builders - said Stepan Barna. -And We, in turn, support the various ways our countrymen. Go there regularly volunteers, so we will send assistance and permanent replacement will be people. " Superintendent Ltd. "Dobrobud "Andrew Consul said that the war can not be indifferent and sit back. We must do everything in your power. That is why he decided to take part in the construction of fortifications in the Luhansk region. "I hope my work will be a small contribution to the victory over the enemy," - says the man. This was reported in Ternopil oblderzhadministratsiyi