In the Rivne region unemployed peasants in such trainings are very interested

training seminars for the unemployed living in rural areas, held February 16 at Zdolbunivska regional employment center. It is important that measures have been selected topics relevant to the villagers: "Safe methods to combat pests and plant diseases" and"Organic farming - high yield, minimum cost, no chemicals." Participation in the training took spokesman LLC "Image Partner" - People often do not use the opportunities that are very close. Sometimes you can make a few steps to the idea was successfully implemented. To do this quite a bit: knowledge, desire, time, and Repursy - said coach Oleg Kut. During the training the unemployed performing exercises, listening mini-lectures, participated in presentations, group discussions, working individually and shared experience. This gave them an opportunity to raise awareness about the types of business activities in rural areas, learn the basics of planning and organization of ruralOn business and learn to consider the risks. Workshop participants raised the level of knowledge of the principles and methods of organic farming techniques mastered by increasing crop conditions improve product quality, developed an effective plan to combat pests and plant diseases on the principles of organic farming. Thematic training seminars onfound in Zdolbunivska regional employment center for the first time and enjoyed great interest in the registered unemployed, living in rural areas or have private households. This was reported in Rivne city employment center