In Ternopil Stepan Barna said silver medalist Defolimpiady 2015 Andrew Andriyishyn

Ternopil athlete, four silver medalist Defolimpiady 2015 Andrew Andriyishyn the chairman of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Stepan Barna 17 April. Recall that in the eighteenth Winter Deaflympics, which ended in Khanty-Mansiysku, Russia, Ternopil athlete won four silver medals. In particular, with skiatlonu, relay races, team sprint and mass start. "This is the second game victory for Andrew. For the first time in 2007, he took part in the sixteenth Defolimpiyskyh games that took place in Salt Lake City and won a medal there, "- said coach Victor Fedorchak athlete.Andrew himself said that he loved the sport and it always worked, and ski views - since 2002. "Those who create Ukrainian sport, let alone adequately represent Ukraine Ternopil and in particular the competition - our heroes - said Stepan Barna. - Andrew - one of them, because he praised Ukraine among the 27 countries that participated in the competition. I dyakuyu everyone who contributed to his victory. I believe sports achievements inspire our military who are on the front line to win. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration