Transcarpathian rescuers summed up his work on 2014

12 February, in the great hall of the Zakarpattia Oblast State Administration, the participation of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Vasyl Stoyetskoho, head of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration Vasyl Hubalya, first deputy head of the Transcarpathian Oblast Council Michael Popovich, headsnumber of structural units Administration, Management DSNS and a member of the Emergency district administrations, executive committees and life support services in the field of the meeting summarizing the territorial civil protection subsystem Transcarpathian region in 2014. As described in its report nachalnyk Management DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region Miroslav SHCHERBA generally 2014 year marked improvement of the situation on almost all counts. During the year, on the territory of Transcarpathian region were 5 of emergencies, of which 4 – man-made and one – social. This two PSD less than 2013. Thus, in the land of laddersMoose 1464 fire, which is 10% less than the previous year. The fire killed 20 people against 46 in 2013. Injured 17 people, while the 2013 figure was 33 people. Decreased and the number of unclassified emergencies. For example in 2013 there were 418 registered, and for 2014 – 364. Group pyrotechnic emergency workWallis and rescue team was made 132 special purpose trips, during which it was discovered and destroyed in 2901 unit Munitions. Group of diving and rescue rescue special unit from the beginning, was made 41 exit, including on diving and survey work – 16 found and raised band 11disasters, examined 14 have been certified 5 popular recreational water in the Transcarpathian region. In order to ensure the safety of tourists departments mountain search and rescue unit in 2014 was made 88 trips for work as intended. Further, a report on the status of flood protection Transcarpathian region whistBasin Head drinking water resources of the river Tisza Vladimir Chipak. According to him, the willingness to act in emergency situations told Chief of highways in the Transcarpathian region Mikhail Popovich. Not bypassed participants of the meeting and the issue of territorial adjustment subsystem Unified State System of Civilprotection to minimize the risk of losses among the population in case of emergency. First it was the willingness of protective structures and systems of public notification. Thus, the region is 584 defenses to be technical inventory. During the year, experts conducted an inventory of 262-hoo about ’ objects. There is an urgent issue to guarantee the public warning system in case of an emergency. According to Acting Director of the Civil Protection Transcarpathian Regional Administration Victor Buryshyna, there is a noticeable tendency to reduce the number of outdoor speakers and radio outlets that are used to alert peoplehey. Thus the time – land management meeting with representatives of the largest mobile operators in Ukraine to those in the case of disasters gave their power to inform citizens. The head of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration Vasyl Hubal stressed that the focus of the sub ’ objects entities regardless of ownership and activities shouldand be focused on measures to prevent emergencies and state administration will make every effort to ensure the safety of our countryman and strongly contribute to the realization of civilian protection population. The main tasks for 2015 deputy chairman DSNS Ukraine Vasyl Stoyetskyy sees bringing into operation of terytorialnoyi subsystem civil protection, working all matters related ’ aggrievedly management activities in high availability mode, exercise program personnel and public action in the event of an emergency, bring to readiness warning and protective structures in Transcarpathia and more. At the endI noted the meeting of top management staff Carpathian DSNS. For high professionalism, conscientious performance of his Duty ’ bonds and significant contribution to the implementation of the state policy in the field of civil protection they were given diplomas from the State Emergency Services, Office DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region, fromakarpatskoyi Administration and Regional Council. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region