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In Ternopil World Bank experts chosen sites for the project thermo-

Expert Group of the World Bank led by project manager « Ukraine - transformational energy efficiency in cities » Rainer Behnke selects these days about ’ objects in Ternopil, under which energy efficiency programswill ternomomodernizovani. World Bank project started in November 2014, when this organization chose three cities in Ukraine - Kyiv, stone ’ Kamyanets-Podolsk and Ternopil, which, in their opinion, the most prepared for the introduction of new energy-saving technologies. By means of bank foreign experts conducted energy audits about ’ objects of housing-comunalnoho fund of the city, analyzed the energy potential of Ternopil and identified priorities thermo. &Laquo; Speaking of central heating and water supply, drainage and waste sector, these projects require further work. However, the selection we start to consider that some of these areas have already financedtion of the bank - says Rainer Behnke. &Ndash; At present the greatest potential in the selection of public sector institutions are – This hospital, schools and kindergartens, as well as street lighting and waste sector & raquo ;. Solutions experts will be known in a few days, then experts will develop a feasibility study and by the end of the year manufFive documentation. Mayor Sergei Nadal thanked the World Bank has conducted work in Ternopil. &Laquo; I want to thank you again for being Ternopil became one of the project participants « Ukraine - transformational energy efficiency in cities » and all the World Bank that quickly, efficientlyand quality work in the city - said Sergey Nadal. &Ndash; After payment for energy is one of the largest spending budget Ternopil and thanks to your work we are able to see which areas of the city are the most energy-intensive about ’ objects and what can be done to save & raquo ;. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council