In the Rivne region after intervention prosecutors debtor company voluntarily compensated 221 thousand UAH debts are

bodies of Rivne prosecution through the courts forced the company to compensate the private debt to the budget for the land plot. The audit revealed that, since 2010, head of the company did not properly served withliabilities under a contract of purchase and sale entered into with Bereznovsky City Council Rivne region, and not paying rozstrochenyy payment for the acquired non-agricultural land with total area of ??12 ha, called? what connection was formed arrears to the budget in the amount of 221 thousand UAH. In order to protect the interests of the state representedand Bereznovsky City Council District Prosecutor Bereznovsky sued the Commercial Court of Rivne region for compensation of these funds. During the trial, the company voluntarily paid the whole debt to the budget because the economic court of Rivne region passed a resolution to terminate the proceedings. Press officeProsecutor region