In Khmelnytsky firefighters eliminated fire at a school catering

April 17 at 14:03 to promptly clearing the Main Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region received a message from a random passer of thick black smoke coming out of the vent pipe cafe on ul.Grushevskogo 66, in the center Chme?nicakoho. With the increased number call to the scene directed fire-rescue units Khmelnytsky garrison. On arrival the fire had spread to the roof of the building and located next threat of private and public buildings. The process of extinguishing complicated dense arrangement of buildings. Engaged in firefighting 36 people CCAof restricted composition DSNS 11 fire units and special equipment, police officers, doctors, utilities, emergency services and gas energy. The fire was localized at 14.20 and eliminated at 14:50. The fire destroyed coverage and overlap an area of ??over 200 sq. M and veranda damaged public facilities. Due to operational actions vohnebortsiv not been the spread of fire to adjacent private home ownership and management of healthcare facilities ’ I Khmelnytsky City Council. Cause and damage caused by fire, set. ACCIDENTS fire was. The coordination capabilities operational group of the Main Directorate headed by Acting Head HUDSNSDmytro Bondar. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast