In the Transcarpathian region Volovetskogo students during the tour to the fire station firefighters learned profession

April 17, on the Day of Fire Protection to Volovetskogo rescuers came to visit the children. On a trip to the 11th state of the Fire and Rescue within weeks knowledge on the basics of life safety disciples came 4th Class B Volovetskoyi school I-III stages. The event was teaching kids the basics of fire safety, roses ’ explanations for life safety and promotion of the profession rescuer. During the tour staff DSNS students demonstrated all fire and rescue equipment and combat gear firefighters and put on costumes used in likvidatsiyi emergencies. Specialist pyrotechnics told the audience about explosive devices and procedure in case of detection. The largest seizure in children caused conventional fire extinguishing. Each interested person could pick up a barrel fire and firefighters to help overcome flame ’ i. Also, students have seen as rescuers with the helpment hydraulic shears cut steel structures. Peanuts extremely impressed that the ease with which the men DSNS cut thick metal. The school thanked Volovetskogo firefighters conducted by qualitative measure long Add ’ yatayetsya students. It was after these excursions younger generation in a new way reflects on the work of rescueykiv. Perhaps as a result of this meeting, someone from the audience of children ’ appeared dream – Stand ’ yazaty his life on fire-rescue. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region