The incident in a cafe Uzhgorod opened criminal proceedings

34-year-old uzhhorodets held at the institution brawl. Regarding the offender made administrative record. Also, this fact openly criminal proceedings for hooliganism. Yesterday around 23.30 hours. a statement to the police approached Uzhhorod Gorotdel 37 thingadministrator at the cafe "Gourmet", which is on the street. Yarotskiy in. Uzhgorod. The woman said that one of the visitors institution while intoxicated, made in their institution strife. Arrived on the scene investigative team Gorotdel police. Hooligans was 34 years uzhhorodets that operates guards in oneinstitutions of the city. The police asked her husband not to disturb public order. However, comments offender law enforcement officers did not respond, refused fulfill legal requirements policemen. Moreover, began to resist, sharpav by police uniforms, pushing them swearing swearing and trying to escape. To Fr.fitsiyno confirm the presence of alcohol in the blood of the offender, the police asked him to undergo a medical declaration. However bully refused. Bullies taken to Uzhgorod Gorotdel police. With respect to the administrative record compiled it for centuries. 185 (Persistent disobedience to lawful order of a police officer)Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences. This protocol is sent to Uzhgorod district court for appropriate action. However, the investigation department of Uzhgorod police opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Art. 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction article provides for a fine ranging from fivehundreds to thousands of times the income, arrest for up to six months, or imprisonment for up to five years. Information Uzhhorod MB MIA