Volyn region: DSNS workers continue to conduct prevention and public awareness Manevychi PB

staff UDSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region, together with representatives of local authorities conducted a comprehensive testing Krasnovolya villages, Pogulyanka, Nichohivka, Matiyko and Tel? Krasnovilskoyi rural districtAdah. During these events, emphasis on accommodation of large families, people who abuse alcohol, for single seniors. During the homestead detours rescuers checked state ovens, electric examined and given advice on safe use. And do not forget that home fire safety in the home - ropassed themed cards. After prophylactically Rose ’ yasnyuvalnoyi work deficiencies identified during testing of settlements made to the leadership of the village council. Hosted also printed on procedure in identifying population Munitions, the capture of hostages, with the threat of terroristx acts while fighting and fire safety regulations for residential buildings reservations about burning posushi the stands Krasnovilskoyi village council. In DSNS in Volyn region