Vinnytchina: RSA chairman Valery Cow visited in Nemiroff most budget-business area (+ photos)

Vinnichiny Director Valery Cow April 16 visited LLC "LVN LIMITED" - a company that for many years occupied the position of largest exporter of spirits and the leader of the world vodka market releasing contuktsiyu TM Nemiroff. Restored work in August last year, the company operates in two shifts 5-6 days a week, providing workplace 840 people. "The total number of products we have made in March - 270 thousand dal. And that's what we want and what we move - a performance that was Nemiroff in 2005, taking into accountor changes in the state and reduce the Ukrainian market ", - said the head of the company Yuri Sorochinskiy. According to him, the company ceased production for the Russian market, and all the others - and that 80 countries - now saved. Head of Regional State Administration Valery Cow Head inspected manufacturing facilitiesode, which in terms of equipment and technology solutions is one of the best complexes in Europe, and familiarized with the technology of production. "This company is the largest payer of excise duty in Vinnytsia region and again was the largest budget forming now in the region. Each torque coming, distributed and caatychno directed to local budgets in the form of grants or equalization directly sent to every village and town councils. So the more and more efficient company will work better napovnyuvatymutsya local budgets ", - the Head of Vinnitsa region Valery cow. The head of the region noted that the Companyve the positive dynamics in terms of capacity and restore jobs, and ensured that the regional authorities will further strengthen production. "Step by step necessary to restore capacity, and we will do everything to help businesses grow," - said Valery cow.This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration