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Four young Chernivtsi robbed hairdresser

For children it was a kind of game. In the hair salon they climbed several times. From there, carried cosmetics in more than 7 thousand and netbook worth more than 3 thousand. On the back of the room was clogged boards. One of them barely kept. Because of this gap in children and penetrated hairdresser vprodovzh holidays. Three boys and a girl - their age from 10 to 13 years - beauty playing, doing hair, painted nails and so on. When out, grabbed from a netbook and cosmetics. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part. 2, Art. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. But because the children have not reached the age at which tobecomes criminal responsibility for their actions meet the parents. As a result of the investigation will be resolved the issue of bringing parents to administrative liability under ch. 4. 184 (Failure parents or persons in loco parentis, duties on parenting, namely committing minor offenses that contain elementscrime, responsibility for which the Criminal Code of Ukraine, if they are below the age of criminal responsibility) of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region refers primarily to parents of young people ages: Watch your children spend with them prophylacticallyand conversation, explain that their illegal actions necessarily followed by punishment. Nurture citizens a sense of justice and law-abiding since childhood! SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region