Mathematics Privat "Saturday - most shopinhovyy day of the week

Mathematics Privat examined patterns of the number and total cost amounts cardholders bank depending on the day of the week. An analysis of all transactions Privat acquiring network in February 2015, most of all purchases carried out during the week on Friday. When uomu most expensive purchase Ukrainian usually carried out on Saturdays. This trend applies to both men and women. As seen in the graphs, women are gaining momentum all week and make the most transactions on Friday and Saturday significantly reduce the number of purchases. The amount of shopping continues to grow, indicating that women EPA on Saturdayysnyuyut major purchases. In men, the situation is slightly different: the number of transactions on Friday and Saturday kept at the same level, but the total amount of purchases on Saturday greatly increased. In general we can say that women carry much more purchases, but at a lower amount than men. Saturday - Day expensive purchases in women. We can assume that Podariunky on February 14 girls bought in advance, while men left this consumption on holiday. Wednesday, February 25, we believe anomaly, since the day jumped course, and people rushed to shops to buy salt and matches. Therefore advice Privat store owners and retail chains, weekends store should work. Because these daysno buyers, especially women, are willing to spend more money. If your shop on Saturday and Sunday is closed, then the client will spend money to your competitor. Days off your outlet do better Monday-Tuesday - the days of minimal costs. Mathematics Privat - an informal club of interest Privat staffin that in his spare time exploring the issues that are not important for business, but the answers may be just interesting.