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In Dnepropetrovsk expense of creating public monument to those who died during the Revolution and dignity in the Donbas

in Dnipropetrovsk competition starts « unity Space » to create a city ’ Monument to fallen during the Revolution and dignity of hostilities in the Donbas. Reported by social activists participating Steering Committee. AboutIt is reported. According to the organizers, the funds to establish city ’ yatnoho sign should not be allocated from the budget, it will be money public. According to the activists, Dnipropetrovsk city council has agreed to become a customer and assist in the allocation of land. According to organizers, is launched street survey of residents on the concept but-term memory ’ Monument. &Laquo; The survey will be conducted in all areas of the city, will show the sex and age structure. Questions are intended to reveal the meaning city ’ Monument (it will be city ’ Monument to Heroes of Heaven or hundreds of soldiers who died in the ATO, or any of the people who are fighting for independence). Also during surveystion, we show a map of possible locations designated city ’ Monument. Everyone will have the opportunity to offer a different location. Some issues devoted to revealing how people see the process of competition & raquo ;, – said one of the initiators Mikhno. As a member of the Coordinating Council said Elena Ivanytska project, joincreation of city ’ Monument want people died. &Laquo; no one doubts that should be in Dnepropetrovsk city ’ Monument. For me it was clear when the mother of the deceased soldier said that the money that people have gathered for the funeral, she wants to invest in the construction of city ’ Monument died ATO & raquo ;, – Ivanytska said. Chief architectDnipropetrovsk itektor of Reference etc, for its part, informed that the City Council and the State Administration help in organizational matters. In April 2014 in Dnepropetrovsk solemn laying the first stone of the future monument heavenly hundred. Pam ’ Monument then planned to install a park near the RSA, just at the point where 2January 6, 2014 by trying to disperse a peaceful rally suffered dozens of townspeople.