In Rivne auditors regional police department caught accountant who has appropriated more than half a million USD

during unscheduled inspections of financial and business sector internal audit Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region established fact misappropriation of funds in excess of half a million hryvnia civilianemployee - accountant a subgroup of the Interior. Over the last four years, official using his official position by fake financial documents of appropriated funds of the State budget allocated for the payment of salaries and wages of employees subdivision of listingto your card account. The information included in the Common accounting statements and reports on committed criminal offenses and other events. Materials checks on illegal actions accountant sent to the prosecutor Rivne region to address the opening of criminal proceedings. Actions accountant qualified for the crimeunder Article 191 (misappropriation, embezzlement or taking them through abuse of power) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region