Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Children's tragedy could stop thanks to the cooperation of teachers and lifeguards

daily in Ukraine due to accidents killed four children. It – not fiction, but the real statistics. You can not argue too much pathos, in every child's tragedy to blame adults. And no matter whether it's teachers or parents. The fact remainsfact: did not protect not warned, not taught. Try to correct the situation, involving the educational process those often faced with fires or other emergencies in real life who professionally conduct mass-devel ’ yasnyuvalnu work on the safety of life among people – Office of Public Employeesst Service of Ukraine of Emergencies in Ivano-Frankivsk region. In Ivano-Frankivsk secondary school, high school number 23 to meet with professionals gathered seventh grade students. Head of communications ’ bonds with the media and Public Management DSNS in major civil protection Christine Pertsovychchildren acquainted with the activities of Fire and Rescue Service Carpathians, spoke about the enormous range of work, which makes the rescue and explained why it is necessary to observe the rules of life safety. In addition, the seventh graders learned how to behave in case of suspicious items, packages or luggage. Students demonstratedFilm « Dangerous findings » and handed out leaflets warning. Head of practical training cycle regional and Ivano-Frankivsk improvement courses Leadership training and methodological center of civil protection and life safety Ivano-Frankivsk region, Lieutenant Andrew civil defense told Pavelkoinvisible children about the dangers of radiation and radioactive chemicals showed how to wear a bulky dressing Stand ’ Communication and mask, described the devices of radiation and chemical control. Judging by the attention with which children listened to stories of guests, many of the questions that are asked, it was obvious that the topic chosen for discussion itemravylno: everyone wants to be alive and healthy, to know how to act on critical situations, to be able to behave so that his behavior did not provoke a fire or other disasters. The teachers are convinced that such measures are extremely useful for all-round development of their wards. They make children under completely different angle to look at the problem of its own conzpeky understand that it largely depends on them. Many useful Students certainly learn in their school. However, the information is not always enough, not all perceive it seriously. Periodic meetings with specialists help not only to convey to children with the safety rules, but also taught to apply this knowledge topractice. Management DSNS in

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