Rivne: 20 to Ostrozhchyni family rowdy prosecuted

Family life 30-year-old villager Khoryv did not work, and work to find a man could not. So almost every day Nicholas spends glass okovytoyi and returning home drunk, almost always picks the next showdown with his mother. Permalinkhooliganism, booze and threats - so are the days of old. So when a woman bursts patience, she is forced to turn to the district. That he has to deal with family feuds and calm rowdy. During the year, staff at Nicholas Ostrog MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region made two protocols on administrativeoffenses under Article 173-2 (domestic violence) of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences (hereinafter - the CAO) and one - under articles 175-1 (tobacco smoking in prohibited places) and 178 (drinking beer, alcohol, alcoholic beverages in places prohibited by law or appearance in public in a drunken state)CAO. - In general, since the beginning of this year sector employees district police officers to administrative responsibility for domestic violence brought criminal charges against 20 people and 15 people put on the record in the category of "rowdy family" - said Deputy Chief of Ostrog MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region - Nachalnyk public security police Andrew Wengerchuk. Guide Ostrog CF MIA appeals to all residents and the area in case of physical or psychological violence in the family immediately notify law enforcement authorities to innocent quarrel not turned into a real tragedy. Victoria Antonova, Ostrog CF MIA Ukraine in Rivnenskiy area

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/