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"KATP 1728": on the street. Zh.Kyuri eliminated spontaneous landfill and disposed of used syringes

As the director of Rivne communal enterprise "KATP 1728" Rostislav KRALIUK, employees of the assigned even in harsh weather conditions do not stop to uphold the purity and systematically carry out cleaning works and blahouranks streets of our city. April 14 they successfully worked in the street. Zh.Kyuri. It should be noted that while cleaning the playground, he was found around many used syringes, which remained after injection particles of matter and blood of unknown origin which may be affected by the AIDS virus or hepatitis C. woundedno such needle, a person can get these dangerous diseases. The said street and its roadside strip was released from all sorts of debris was also ordered natural landfill and truncated branches of trees. As a result of cleaning on smittyezvalyschnyy landfill was taken two cargo vehicle debris. Reported byRivne City Council