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Zhytomyr: in Korosten'ko under the wheels of a car killed a pensioner

For the past day 3 recorded road accidents in which one person was killed and two injured. In Korostensky district at night driver "Reno" made an accident in which killed 80-year-old local resident. April 13 at about 02.20 142km highway Kyiv-Kovel, near the village. Novak Korostensky district, driver "Renault Premium", a resident of the Kharkiv region, 1981 born, hit pedestrians, city resident. Places, born in 1935, which was on the roadway in the opposite direction. Because pedestrian accident from his injuries died at the scene. Dear citizens! Derzhavtoinspektsiya appeals to drivers and pedestrians, follow the rules of behavior on the road and be careful, because even minor violations can have tragic consequences. Overall, 83 traffic violations were identified and stopped workers in the State roads area during the last day. Arrested 19 driversfor a drive vehicles while intoxicated. Done 8 administrative reports to drivers for exceeding speed modes. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region