In the Transcarpathian region in Mukachevo burned 8-year-old car "Mersedes"

in the evening on Naberezhno engaged in m.Mukachevi car brand Mercedes E 220". Foreign car burned completely. The likely cause of the fire - arson. Around 20.30 hours. the duty of Mukachevo Gorotdel police received a report from the dispatcher tozhezhnoyi of fire on the car. At the scene police found out a burning 8-year-old "Mercedes", owned by local residents. The car was parked under the windows of a private house. When home noticed the fire, he immediately summoned firefighters. However, expensive car could not be saved. The likely cause of the fire - arson. From the Sectionodiyi experts removed the remains of the fire debris. Police browsing entries from cameras on the house owner car. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.194 Criminal Code of Ukraine (intentional destruction of or damage to property by arson). For z`yasuvanya causes of fire for a series of machineszhezhno and technical expertise. Continuing review. Information Mukachevo CF MIA