In Uzhhorod drunk driver "Mercedes" rammed "Audi"

yesterday morning in Uzhgorod nearby bus fault of drunken drivers cars "Mercedes" foreign room was an accident. Suffered another car on Slovak room - "Audi", parked on the roadside. In the morning on April 13 Svobody Ave. near the bus station in the city.Uzhgorod was an accident. The driver of the black "Mercedes" in Slovak room, 27-year-old Uzhgorod, lost control cars and made a quick visit to parked on the side of the black "Audi A-8" (this machine also had Slovak number). Due to an accident injured two passengers "Mercedes" 29-year-old man and 24-year-old woman. They were taken to medicinalrnyu. Female medical care after illegally left the hospital. A man doctors diagnosed hip fracture and other injuries. He left for hospital treatment in the trauma ward. Examination showed that the driver of "Mercedes" in a state of intoxication. The vehicle is placed on shtrafploschadku Uzhgorod MBMinistry of Internal Affairs. The circumstances of accidents clarifies the police. UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region