Call to help those who care soldier Sergei Zahasaylu ATU

Lviv residents asked to help save the life of a soldier Sergei Zahasaylo ATO, which is a member of ATO since 15 April. May 24 during a mortar attack on the checkpoint near the village. Konstyantynivka in Slavic group of military hit by a shell and Sergey took over the main blast wave, coveringcounterparts that have followed. it needs financial aid for treatment and rehabilitation. As the press service of the LCC, Sergei Zahasaylo was breathing in hardware in a deep coma III level in a state of hemorrhagic shock III degree (particularly acute complications of pathological bleeding) in the intensive care unit of the Kiev hospital. Sergey quenchaylo received numerous injuries and wounds, gunshot Mine debris injured skull and brain from damage both the frontal and the other ’ wooden fractions, severe contusion of the right eye, bullet fragmentation through-injured shoulder with bahatoulamkovym fracture of the right humerus, shrapnel wounds ulna right forearm ,multiple gunshot wounds fragmentation of ’ tissues left leg, shrapnel wounds blind right tibia, extensive wound surfaces of both front legs, traumatic amputation of toe of his right foot I of traumatic separation. After three months in intensive care neurosurgery chief military hospital Sergey transferred to neredoperatsiynu rehabilitation to another medical center m. Kyiv. Sergei requires a series of operations, transplantation of ’ muscles and tendons of both legs (front and side of ’ muscles and tendons of the knee and down completely torn) on both ankles on the right elbow and right forearm, insert plate instead of the affectedfrontal bones (kraneoplastyka). &Laquo; But before you conduct these operations, long-term rehabilitation – (Sergei atrophied all the city ’ muscles and joints of the foot – balerynkamy, he does not hold his head, not sitting and not walking, he terrible pain & raquo ;, & ndash , said in a statement. Anyone who can help, ask zholoshuvatys. Help. Sergey Zahasaylo was born 03.08.1991., Lviv region. Sergeant B / M A0284 80 separate airborne brigade GVA Armed Forces, ML viv. He was awarded the city ’ yatnym sign « VOYINSKU by Valor » (06.09.2014 g.) And the Order « Courage » III degree » (08/07/2014 p.) DETAILS FOR ASSISTANCE Toassistance in Ukraine: Card Privat: 5168 7572 7215 8678 (Recipient: Sister Elena Zahasaylo) Bank account Beneficiary: Privat R /: 29244825509100 MFO: 305299 EDRPOU: 14360570 Contact: mother Alla I. (Mohort) Zahasaylo: Tel. +38 068 168 39 20 e-mail page on facebook https: // For foreign currency: Banco Posta card 5364 1401 0000 2453 ZAHASAYLO ALLA IBAN code: IT11Z0760101600001017965284 Told