In Transcarpathia ongoing review of roads, streets and railroad crossings

In the Transcarpathian region held Spring commission inspection of roads, streets and railroad crossings. The commissions that conduct review are traffic police, representatives of the Road Administration, OBLAVTODOR, Railways, NGOs and pocies media. As senior inspector at Large UGAI MIA Police Lt. Alexander Kovalchuk, during the inspection commissioners fix state roads, curbs, roadside areas, sidewalks, outdoor lighting and more. The Commission also verifies the installation of railway crossings, through which the bus traffic. Yourevealed shortcomings in the maintenance of roads and scope of the primary works of their liquidation recorded in Acts view indicating the timing of completion of works on public roads. - Special attention is paid to the construction of emergency and hazardous areas Spots, established pursuant signs for orientation schemes atrhanizatsiyi traffic and dismantle road signs that impose unjustified restrictions for road users - says Lt. Kovalchuk. Information UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region