Zorian Shkiryak: " We create a working group for public participation to develop the concept of reforming DSNS Ukraine "

towards a Rescue European level, reform of the civil protection are an ’ integral part of this process and the need of that from time. Therefore, to discuss organizationalissues concerning further development of the concept of reforming Ukraine DSNS April 16, with the participation of performing required ’ yazky Chairman DSNS Star Shkiryak, representatives of regional and structural units of the Service and the public meeting held prescriptive. During the meeting it was decided to establish a working group to develop the concept of reforming DSNA, which is a part of reform of the MIA. The working group will be determined soon. The working group will include the best specialists in the field of civil protection, subdivisions authorities and NGOs. They will provide suggestions for improving the efficiency and process optimization for the Service all Categoriesapryamkamy. After that is a concept reform DSNS. It will be presented at a round table with the assistance of the media, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, NGOs and trade unions. After making adjustments to the project will be submitted for approval to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Acting Duty ’yazky Chairman DSNS Zorian Shkiryak said: « We all understand that in today's reality, we need to develop a model that will help improve the efficiency of Rescue. Reform of – it is a necessity caused by time. One should consider social security and wage rescuers. Requiredanalyze the positive experience of our European colleagues, in particular for improving the legislation that regulates the DSNS. I want to assure that the working group will be transparent and open to the public. We will consider all rational proposals and submit them to the concept of reform & raquo ;. Press office DSNS Ukraine