Educational and Methodological Center for Civil Protection and Life Safety Khmelnitsky region's 50th anniversary of the founding

Organizational unit the Training Centre for Civil Protection and Life Safety Khmelnitsky region - Khmelnytsky oblast and city improvement courses Leadership celebrated its 50th districtichchya. Their story started long ago as in 1965, when according to requirements of the directive Staff GO USSR, the CC CP Ukraine and the USSR Council of Ministers created 342 courses Civil Defence Khmelnitsky region. In 2002, according to the order of Ministry of Ukraine name « 342 » courses were dropped. It was then approved and the Charter of the course.On January 1, 2003 Rate started its activities as a public, legal, educational and methodical institution Civil Defence of Ukraine, and their organizational and methodical management was entrusted to the Institute of Public Administration for Civil Protection. In 2005, the civil defense courses Khmelnitsky region was reorganized into the Instructor's pricesMay civil protection and life safety Khmelnitsky region. The main objectives of the course – This functional training managerial, administrative staff and other professionals executive agencies, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations of the region on civil protection. Every year training is over n ’ Five of claimolovynoyu thousands of listeners. Do they spend with educators courses – highly skilled and trained professionals who have the experience of practical work and service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Civil Defense System (Civil Protection) of Ukraine and the education field. All teaching staff are university graduates and have been suppliedmargin trained Civil Protection Institute, Vinnytsia Regional Training Center of Civil Protection and Life Safety. The festivity courses and veterans who for many years worked in civil defense and left their mark in history courses as highly qualified specialists. Based on the experience andachievements of their predecessors teaching staff courses many efforts for further development of the Centre. In recent years his work was published over 70 manuals, city ’ out recommendations for action in the public unfavorable extreme situations. Teaching staff participate in seminars, roundtablesfor safety of life and activity. Significantly improved training and logistical support of the educational process, particularly in the presence of the personal computer ’ s memory laptops, multimedia projectors, photo and video, and so on. Al. Students and staff courses can receive various information, including on a civilprotection, through broadband Internet. In recent years, courses have been equipped and decorated classrooms, consulting and methodical study, a library of field station, office of information technology training. In addition, work on the prevention of child safe behavior in the event of unforeseen events attractingtion to their children Ukrainian public movement « School Safety & raquo ;, which branch in Khmelnytsky region was registered in 2004. Employees traditional courses annually take part in preparing and conducting regional and national meetings, competitions of young rescuers Khmelnytsky department VHDR „ School Safety& Rdquo ;. Remembering achieved heritage, head of the Center Lt. civil protection Alain Il expressed gratitude for the many years of cooperation between employees of the Main Department DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast Department of Civil Protection Khmelnytsky Oblast Administration, Management of Emergenciessecond and Civil Protection and safety Khmelnytsky City Council who had the feast of the team. An experienced and cohesive team course introduces best practices in education DSNS of Ukraine, aims to meet the demands of our time and making efforts to ensure the management of the experts and civil protectionPopulation complex skills skilled emergency in terms of current domestic circumstances and the modern industrial environment. Training Center Civil Protection and life safety Khmelnitsky region