The Khmelnytsky oblast discussed the state of social and other support IDPs

Under the leadership of Vice President - Head of Staff Administration held a meeting with regional staff accommodation citizens of Ukraine who migrated temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and districts conduct ATO to other regions of Ukraine. While onCouncil discussed the state of accommodation, social and other support persons, problems encountered and solutions. As of April 16 arrived to the area with the temporarily occupied territories and districts of the antiterrorist operation and appealed to state authorities, local government to address issuesWelfare 7107 people. Of these, from the Crimea and in Sevastopol. - 529 persons, Donetsk and Lugansk - 6578. The directorates of social protection for the purpose of monthly targeted assistance appealed - 3603 family, of which: for financial assistance - 3252 families continuing appointment - 65 families refused to appoint Mr.roshovoyi help 63 families. The following cash benefits paid in 2941 families (5408 individuals). Employment Service appealed to 928 people, among them were 655 unemployed persons; employed - 179 people, aimed at training - 24 people; involved in the work of a temporary nature - 61 person; suspended registration for other reasons 335 persons. On atBlik is - 414 people. The main problem is the employment of persons professional qualification imbalance, lack of jobs with the provision of temporary housing, low wages in the region. By educational establishments currently arranged displaced children in 1217 (229th preschool education, 875th forhalnoosvitni schools, 113 - in vocational and higher education). Services covered by health and rest 41 children among immigrants (34 - in the region, 7 - outside the region). To health care settings area 3701 addressed internally displaced persons, among them 2438 adults, including:th among 67 pregnant women (47 birth) and 1263 children. Organised inpatient treatment 447 patients for outpatient treatment in 1042 patients, physical examination, consultation conducted 4295 citizens. State Migration Service in 1704 provided administrative services, including: registered residence 197 people, a place of temporary disruptionsuvannya 746 persons removed from registration of residence 152 persons, 121 issued passport Ukraine and 74 certificate of registration of residence / temporary residence. In government, the settlers also provide assistance to charities "Xena", "Caritas", "Dobrynia 'association NGO" Center for the settlers "for assistanceCF "compassion", Khmelnytsky Oblast Organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, Polish-Ukrainian society, religious communities, businesses and citizens care about. The information was