In Vinnytsia monument on the rules of use and compliance with regulations applying pesticides

Department gossanepidsluzhby in Vinnitsa region warns: In the spring garden, suburban areas begin agricultural work and often to improve the yield of a culture of the population uses chemicals prostu plants - pesticides. However, the inept use can cause considerable damage not only your health but also the environment. To avoid unpleasant and hazardous situations that arise in cases of poisoning by pesticides must follow the rules and use comply with the use of pesticides (negutohimikativ), namely: - Buying a particular drug, pay attention to whether the entity has a license for this activity; - Before starting work with pesticides should carefully read the instructions for use of chemicals; - Administration farms in advance, but not later than two days before the start of snuffent of each chemical treatment, should inform the population, owners of adjoining agricultural lands and facilities of the places, dates and methods of use of pesticides. In the period of work within a radius of 200 meters from the border areas, which are processed to be installed warning signs; - Sanitary rupture of settlements of cattlecal facilities, places of manual work to care for crops, water and attractions in the fan spraying must be at least 500 m, with a sprinkling of bull and herbihatsiyi - 300 m. The use of aerosol generators adjustable dispersion sanitary protection zones should meet the requirements specified in andnstruktsiyi for this type of equipment; processing of crops in these areas is allowed with the wind direction from settlements and other objects for sanitary protection. Spraying fan of bull and sprinklers allowed at wind speed of 3 m / s (dribnokrapelne) and 4 m / s (krupnokrapelne). The use of herbicides irrigationS by sprinkling water (herbihatsiya) allowed at wind speed of 4 m / s; - When working with pesticides is forbidden to eat and smoke; - After the work necessary to wash hands with soap and other exposed areas of the body and change clothes. Symptoms of poisoning, excessive salivation, pupillary constriction, tearing, photophobia, weakening ofORU, especially at dusk, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, involuntary vomiting, defecation, urination. Emergency: make victim to Air call an ambulance. From soap to wash off skin preparations; flush eyes with 2% solution of soda, induce vomiting, gastric lavage with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, give activated charcoal - 25 g 05 cups of water, to give 20 g of salt laxative, raise the nose cotton wool with ammonia; do CPR. After first aid should call a doctor as soon as possible to provide skilled care. Consultation on the use of rules and comply with the use of pesticides available in the main packment Gossanepidsluzhby in Vinnytsia region and separated units (Telephone 0432-68-32-96 or 0432-68-32-94). This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration