In Vinnytsia rescuers saved well from 3-year-old girl

April 16 at 13:00 on the item called ’ connection state of the Fire and Rescue 13 city. Nemiroff was reported that the town Bratslav on the street. Komarov fell well in 3-year-old girl. How can ’ it turned out, the baby while in yard ’ her through his own negligence paala of inactive wells, depth of about 10 meters. In place of an emergency rescuers immediately arrived, the child at the time was located at a depth of 3.5 meters from the ground. Soldiers DSNS using rescue rope pulled the girl out, and gave the victim of diahnozm « general hypothermia » Speed ??workersfirst medical aid. Currently, the girl is in Nemirovsky district hospital in satisfactory condition. HUDSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region