In Vinnytsia through strife former cohabitants themselves in intensive care

Household quarrel between former cohabitants almost ended in tragedy. Both parties to the conflict find themselves in a hospital bed with penetrating stab wounds. April 14 to Koziatyn police department received a report from a doctor of the district hospital, coachemergency room with penetrating abdominal stab wounds delivered lumens man and woman. Both victims were intoxicated. As the chief of police Kozyatynska Gennady Tkachuk, a man and a woman - former cohabitants. On the weekend of a woman with a minor child came to stay with former roommateand his parents in the village. Komsomol. During the feast between the former spouses quarrel arose, during which 38-year-old man inflicted several stab wounds to the woman. Realizing that done, struck and stabbed himself. Parents, in front of which there was a conflict, called an ambulance. Both victims after surgical intervention are difficult toth state in the intensive care unit. Investigation Department of the police opened criminal proceedings on the grounds of a criminal offense under Part. 1, Art. 121 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (grievous bodily harm). For such a crime punishable up to 3 years in prison. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region