In the Lviv region derzhohorontsi exposed previously convicted man who tried to steal from the cafe electronic scales

Employees of the State Security Service detention Lviv exposed previously convicted unemployed man who entered the cafe in the center of the city and stole thence electronic scales. After the closure of food, 26-year-old nepratsyupol previously convicted resident of the city broke a window, entered the room to the bar and stole thence electronic scales. The attacker did not realize that the facility is equipped with an alarm system. In a few minutes it caught attire State Security Service at the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under the Criminal 185Code of Ukraine (theft). This offense is punishable by a fine free minimum incomes, or correctional labor for up to two years, or imprisonment for up to three years. Denis Kharchuk, UDSO at the Interior Ministry Ukraine Lviv region