In the Zhytomyr region DSNS eliminated fighters fire in the house on two hosts

17 February at 13:27 at the point called ’ communications 5th State Fire and Rescue downtown Andrushivka received information about a fire in a private trees ’ Ian residential house on two hosts size, located in the village of Red. To the rescue&Laquo; 101 » phoned the owner of one of the parts of the building, which also found fire in his home. Upon arrival firefighters guard duty with 36th post of professional fire ’ it turned out that the center of the fire is in one of the rooms. Efforts fighters DSNS fire was localized at 13:43 and completely eliminated at 15:02. Sun Firetyh destroy 5 square meters of roof, ceiling and walls. The dead and injured at the scene were found. On ’ it turned out that the fire in the house were two families – father and son and wife of a minor child. When a man found in a house fire, he immediately ran to a neighbor to call the rescue, as he did not phone Blvd.about. At this time, his son and their neighbors immediately left the house. Previously determined that the cause of the fire could be a short circuit in the electrical system. Currently, experts set the final cause of the fire and the amount of damage and salvaged items. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region