Volyn: Prosecutor Horokhiv succeeded in returning money invested veteran labor union "Golden Scales"

Gorokhovskiy zadovolyv District Court Prosecutor's Office District of collecting money from members full partnership - the notorious credit union " gold scales & quot ;, which once provided citizens and creditsattracted their money at interest. In 2006, signed an agreement on making membership fee in order to obtain Society percent and 64-year-old veteran labor Skobelka resident of the village. However, as dozens of Volyn, no money, no interest on them is not received. This company is known, was later declared insolvent tbankrupt and not doing the assumed debt obligations ’ Liabilities. According to prosecutors claim area, which was to protect women, the court has ruled in 2009 to recover from the credit union depositors whole amount owed, but due to lack of legal entity property funds returned it was not. Having established the fact of insolvency of the company,as a legal entity, the district prosecutor's office representatives ’ showed the claim to the participants - individuals. Indeed, under the law, they are responsible for the debts of the business partnership and, unlike members of a limited liability company, responsible for the performance created an economic sub ’facility including his personal property. The trial of this case lasted almost two years in the courts of first, appeal and cassation. For now, during the second trial, the court agreed with the arguments of the prosecution and decided to pull out all the participants of a full partnership entire amount owed woman - over 133 thousand. USD. Press office etc.okuratury area