Volyn accident: Two people were killed and five -

days injured workers the State recorded five accidents with victims. About 1:30 27-year-old resident of Lutsk region, driving a car "Renault Kengo" in the village Oderady Lutsk district chose not safe speed and collided with a roadside tree. Because ofthe accident the driver was killed on the spot. At 13:00 on the street in Lutsk Konyakina 44-year-old regional center, driving a bus "Bogdan" movement began, not sure that it is safe. As a result, the driver jammed tailgate 60-year resident of the village Osekriv Turiysky area, which made landing a taxi. Womanand it fell and injured. From the hospital refused. In addition, at 13:00 in another part of Novovolynsk Gorotdel police received a report from another city hospital doctor that they have provided medical assistance 27-year resident of the village of New Lishnya Ivanychi County, received injuries due to accidents. When leavinginvestigative team is established: New Moon, driving the bike, at the intersection turn left maneuver performed and therefore did not provide benefits in moving car "ZAZ 110307" running the 48-year-old Ivanychiv district, which was traveling in the opposite direction. The collision cyclist injured. Another accidentoccurred around 15:00 in the forest near the village green Kovel district. 19-year-old driver of ATV, a resident of Kovel on dirt road did not choose safe speed and, unable to cope with the management, faced with roadside tree. As a result of accidents the driver and 19-year-old passenger of the vehicle, a resident of Kovel received Thieledream injuries and were hospitalized in the central district hospital. Accidents fatalities recorded at 17:00 hours near the village Okunyn Turiysky area. 26-year-old Lyubomlsky area, driving a car "Volkswagen Golf", did not choose safe speed, slid into a ditch and overturned. As a result the driver died on the event Estsi. Passengers villagers Gorodne Lyubomlsky district, injured, hospitalized in the intensive care unit Lyubomlsky Territorial Medical Center. The facts of the accident is under investigation. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/