Zhytomyr: in Radomyshlschyni driver failed to keep the car on the road and crashed into a tree

75 violations of traffic rules were identified and stopped workers in the State roads area during the last day. 6 arrested for drivers drive vehicles while intoxicated. For the past day were 1 roadzhno accident in which one person injured. February 17 at about 12:00 at 112 km highway Ovruch - Malin - Kocheriv in the village. Krasnobirka, Radomyshlsky area, the driver of "Mitsubishi", 45-year-old city. Zhytomyr, did not choose safe speed, lost control, slid his left shoulder, which made a quick visit totree. As a result of the accident passenger, 43-year-old city. Zhytomyr, injured and taken to the hospital. Dear citizens! State car appeals to drivers: Select velocity depending on road conditions. Remember that excess speed mode - the main cause of accidents with serious consequences. UDDAnd MIA Ukraine Zhytomyr region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/