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In Chernivtsi region rescue students taught safety rules in case of an emergency man-made

Ready citizens to act in case of an emergency man-made and the ability to use this knowledge is very important, given the difficult situation in Eastern Ukraine. Therefore, toto native inhabitants were able to correctly orient, if necessary, and know what to do in such cases, rescuers carry information Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu work with people. This work covers various age groups and social strata. For example, April 15, employees of the Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region had lektsiyu-classes at the Department of Life Safety Chernivtsi University law faculty and students of the institution. The meeting was « Actions in the event of an emergency man-made disasters & raquo ;. The event started with the fact that rescuers introduced studentsclassification of emergencies and their characteristics. In particular, management experts reported that during an emergency man-made primarily need not panic, listen to the message of the local authorities to prepare documents, medicine, necessities and food. Also studentsUniversity reported that details of refuge and shelter can find the phone number 101 or the official website of the Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region. In addition, rescuers told about the dangers of neglecting the rules of fire safety. &Laquo; the last 5 days in 36 there were fires, which prematurely Obiravalos life 2 people, 2 more Bukovina, with 1 child, were injured. In both cases resulted in death careless use of fire by people » &Ndash; told rescuers. Do not forget to tell management professionals and students about the dangers of detecting suspicious items and what to do in such cases. &Laquo; lumenitnytska work carried out by employees of the Office DSNS directed primarily to the fact that native inhabitants were prepared to act in case of an emergency or other event, but we hope that this knowledge they will need only a theory » &Shy; – The Deputy Chief of DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region, Lieutenant SLuzhby Civil Protection Sergey Mikhailyuk. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region